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Bangsar Chiropractic is home to Malaysia's first local female chiropractor. Have you wanted to see a chiropractor but were afraid of the stories you hear from friends or medical doctors about "back crackers" or that they will "twist your neck?" Well, put your fears to rest! Chiropractic is not all about back cracking and neck twisting. In fact, that is a very crude and misinformed way of describing chiropractic.

Here at Bangsar Chiropractic, we utilize gentle adjusting techniques that effectively correct the cause of problems. No popping, cracking or twisting is necessary.

Chiropractic is the third largest primary form of healthcare in the United States and millions have been helped by chiropractic care when all else fails. It is one of the safest forms of health care available, and far safer than allopathic (conventional drug-based) medicine.

Do not be misinformed about chiropractic. Don't just listen to others. Educate and enlighten yourself about chiropractic and what it really is all about, and then tell a friend.

Discover the amazing benefits and wonders of chiropractic today!