What Our Bangsar Chiropractic Patients Say


Healed after being told the pain will last a lifetime

I found out about chiropractic through the internet. I was seeking chiropractic care due to lower back pain caused by a slipped disc. The pain started after injuring myself while weightlifting three months before I came to Bangsar Chiropractic.

What pleased me most about my first visit with Dr. Wong was the proper explanation about my problem and the treatment plan for a quick recovery as I only had 2 months for treatment in Malaysia before having to fly back to Bangladesh.

My experience with chiropractic so far has been great. My back pain was gone very quickly, especially considering two doctors in Bangladesh told me I had to live with the pain and will not be able to do the things I used to for the rest of my life. It was a marvellous experience!

Sajid Rahim


Instant Relief from 7 years pain

I heard from friends that chiropractic was a good alternative to typical medical care and medication. They said chiropractic gives good results and uses non-invasive methods.

When I came for my first visit at Bangsar Chiropractic, I had a persistent back pain that has been bothering me for seven years. To my pleasant surprise, I experienced instant relief from the discomfort and could walk without pain. I couldn't believe that I was able to walk to my car after that first visit. Moreover, the method used was gentle and there was no scary cracking of bones.

Recently, I experienced some swelling and pain in my right elbow due to the nature my job (I spend a lot of time at the desk). When it wouldn't subside, I visited Dr. Dansen Wong and he did a good job of bringing down the inflammation and pain within such a short time. Furthermore, he did so without the use of any drugs or extensive rehab.

Since undergoing chiropractic care, I have noticed I can do a lot more exercises, bending and fluid movements.

Dr. Dansen and team are very amicable and approachable chiropractors.

Diane Lim


Feeling much in the first time in years

I found out about chiropractic through online research. My only concern was to find a good chiropractor and I was lucky to have found Dr. Wong.

I started chiropractic care because I had neck pain, digestive issues, dizziness and allergies. I went to the hospital and took supplements, but to no avail. I had the issues for a couple of years and had no previous chiropractic treatment.

After my first visit with Dr. Wong, I was very pleased as my arms and legs became aligned, my dizziness completely stopped and I also felt energised. Also, Dr. Wong was very friendly and he made me feel comfortable.

My experience with chiropractic has been great. So far, I am feeling much better than I had for years. My neck pain is mostly gone and my allergies are much better. I have far more energy, better digestion and am feeling more positive overall.

I am very happy to have found Bangsar Chiropractic. My experience has been fantastic.

Modou Lamin Sey


Helped me and my family

I have brought my son Steven to Dr Dansen since he was 8 years old. He was having neck pain after he practised the diabolo activity in school and at home. He recovered very soon after the treatments by Dr Dansen Wong. Steven is now 11 years old and still doing well.

Chiropractic has helped not only my son but me and my husband as well.

Jess Wong


Problem solved after a few weeks

During my pregnancy, I had vulvular varicosities and difficulty in walking. I will have muscle sprains from breastfeeding and carrying my baby as well.

My problems were resolved after few treatment by Dr Dansen. I enjoyed the friendly chiropractor and front desk.

Wan Qistina


Increased Mobility & Fast Relief

Dr Dansen has helped relieve pains I had suffered, some I had endured for years and others through repetitive and excessive use of the joints. His treatments gave fast relief and I found my mobility increased over time.

Most important of all he taught how to help myself get better and stay better. No more relying on painkillers or feeling unable to contribute. Dr Dansen is truly a blessing that I wholeheartedly feel grateful to have met. Thank you Dr Dansen for making a difference in my life!



Slipped Disc condition improves by almost 80%

I have slip disc a few years before chiropractic treatment. I couldn't walk or stand too long and the hospital doctor suggested an operation. So, then I started to look for alternatives. Seven months with Dr Aileen Ding, I am very satisfied. My condition has improved almost 80%.

I love the way Dr Aileen shows great concern over my overall health. She is very friendly and does her job very well. She doesn't mind to offer advice regarding healthy lifestyle.

Rosni bt Ishan


No more Neck Pain, Lumbar Pain & Back Pain

I have neck pain, back pain and lumbar pain. Had undergone 5 treatments by Dr Aileen Ding. I felt very much better, no pain anymore.

Dr Aileen is very friendly, clear in information. Thank you Dr Aileen and I will recommend you to others.

Norlinda bt Md Yusof


Very Satisfied with Treatment

I'm having issue with my back , shoulder and neck. I have visited Dr Aileen twice. I am very satisfied with her treatment. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed her friendliness and reassuring treatment. She will explain and tell you what is this and that, very professional and well worth my trusting trip.

Nicholas Lam


Problematic Neck Pain healed - Converted Skeptic

I have neck pain that doctors were having trouble treating. After about 14 treatments in the span of 6 months, I have felt better and learned how to help myself. I enjoyed her positive helpful approach, professional without overstating what they can do.

I was a sceptic initially, but now I recommend people for this kind of treatment.

Stephen Pratt


Shoulder Ache feels much better

I have shoulder ache. I am now much better after undergone treatment by Dr Aileen. I like the advices and the care given by her.

Vincent Choo


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