Cold Laser Therapy: Safety


Cold laser has been used for more than 35 years with no serious side effects. However, treatments should be applied by a fully-trained professional. Treatments are non-invasive and painless, thus safe for children, pregnant women (except over the fetus) and elderly patients. Some people experience minor tingling and warmth, but most people feel nothing.

• Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) Super Pulsed Lasers deliver higher peak power while maintaining the highest degree of safety of any therapeutic modality

• Multi Radiance devices are more effective in delivering photons to deep tissues compared to Class I-III continuous and modulated lasers

• Unlike Class IV continuous lasers, Multi Radiance devices eliminate the risk of thermal damage to a tissue

• 25,000-50,000mW super pulsed laser power

• More power than most class IV lasers

• Higher degree of safety than class IV lasers

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